Charlie & Whitley were rescued from a severe neglect case. The horses were used as currency in drug exchange and were being kept in a backyard in the city.  Charlie was a year old and Whitley was 2 at the time of rescue.  They were both emaciated and Charlie almost died from colic before we intervened. The "owners" were attempting to ride the young horses and also feed them straw which is not meant for animal consumption.  The owner fortunately signed ownership over to Brittney and we were able to take them out of there and place them at an off-site facility for a year while they regained their health. They are now doing really well and  have grown and blossomed into beautiful young horses with LOTS of personality.


Booger was rescued from a neglect case where he was severely malnourished as a colt. This has led to him having health problems his entire life.  He is lame in his back leg, and was going blind in his left eye. He was on daily medication to help his eye which was prone to chronic infections.
Brittney adopted him from the original rescuer after forming a bond with him and being notified that he would be sold to the race track as a pony horse.  Knowing his health issues he would not have done well at the race track and ultimately could have ended up bound for slaughter like so many others off the tracks. In December of 2019, his blind eye started to cause him serious pain and was removed. 
Now he is a healthy, happy horse who is always the boss of the herd.


Hunter was actually not a rescue horse. He is a pure-bred Appaloosa that is a result of the dying horse breeding industry.  He was bred by a woman in KY who could not find anyone to buy him because people can no longer afford to own horses and there is an overload of horses being abandoned and sent to auction. He was purchased for a small fee several years ago and he and Booger are inseparable.


Betty was found abandoned on a farm close to Dayton, Ohio.  A passerby posted the pig on Facebook asking for help.  Someone sent it to us and we decided we couldn't leave her there all alone!  Leann and I loaded the car and went to get her.  The owner was forced to leave the farm due to a medical condition and could no longer afford to keep it up. Betty was left because they did not have a place for her at their new home.  She's the most spirited of all the pigs and we sure love her!


Milton was an owner surrender and was our first pig on the farm.  He was purchased as many potbelly pigs are as a pet.  They are part of the "mini pig" fad and thousands of pigs are now being abandoned and dropped at shelters because they grow to be over 100 pounds.  Milton grew to be 150 pounds and was beginning to destroy the house.  The family started keeping him locked in the garage because they did not know what else to do.  He now is a healthy happy pig that spends most of his time outside.  He loves his swimming pool and mud pit!


Iggy was being sold for slaughter on craigslist.  Someone saw her ad and decided they wanted to try and save her. A group of Cincinnatians rallied to find a home for her and took on the rescue mission.  We stepped up to provide sanctuary for her and the community stepped up to help.  They provided donations to help get building materials, vet care and a shelter for her.  People also came out to volunteer their time to build the fence for her!  It was a beautiful rescue.  So many people helped.  Two women went to pick her up from the farmer and a third woman fostered her until we were ready.  She has now tripled in size and is the life of the party.  She is so full of love and energy and loves attention.


Papa Smurf, Sam, and Dean were all rescued from slaughter. A man in Ohio was breeding them for meat and was getting rid of some of his rabbits due to overcrowding.  We took in these guys along with a few others that we eventually adopted out to families that will keep them for their lifetime. Dean sadly passed away on July 17, 2019 and like all the animals that find their way to Foreverland Farm, we are grateful to have known him and miss him everyday.


The Captain & Nic were seized in a cock fighting ring bust in Colorado.  There were 48 birds total that were taken and all of them eventually found homes across the country at different sanctuaries.  They would have otherwise been euthanized.

After enjoying many happy, peaceful years at Foreverland Farm, sadly The Captain passed away in May of 2020.

Roosters are the most abused farm animal there is, they are the most discarded, and also the least likely to receive rescue and the least donated towards.  


Barney was born and bred for meat.  He was originally taken in by another sanctuary with his brother Fred.  The boys got too big and aggressive for the owners and they asked if we would be able to take them.  We happily agreed.  Fred passed away over a year ago leaving Barney alone for the first time in his life.  These birds do not typically live very long due to the breeding mutations that make them grow so big so fast.  Their life span typically lasts 42 days. We have had Barney now for over two years and other than losing his brother, he is doing well.  He weights almost 19 pounds, which is huge for a chicken!!!!!


LaLa was rescued from being slaughtered for Easter. The farmer was getting rid of her because she wasn’t reproducing and he didn’t have a use for her. He had tried to breed her several times without success. We convinced him to let us take her in.  We had her for a couple months when one day we noticed her utters were swollen! We began to freak out not knowing what that meant. We called the vet who came out a few days later and confirmed our suspicions! The vet told us that she was due any day and panic set in. We didn’t know what to do and we sure didn’t know how to help her have her baby. We went on baby watch for almost three whole weeks and finally the night of the full moon little Marvel was born. He came out without any complications and was a perfectly healthy little boy. The two of them now get to love their lives together and I could not be more grateful. The universe knew that LaLa needed to be here with us. If she hadn’t neither of them would be here right now.


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