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This little stud was born with only three legs, and was rejected by his mama at birth. A very loving family took him inside and had been raising him in the house ever since. They made the hard decision to surrender him to a sanctuary that could take care of his special needs and where he would get the attention and life he deserves! He came as a referral from another sanctuary and we knew we had to take him in!  We are so thankful for his family for letting us care for him. Since his arrival, Champion has shown the world that he can do anything a four-legged goat can do including racing to say “hello” and his specialty, jumping directly into the hay trough to eat while others politely stand on the ground for their meals.



This little fella was born in June of 2019 with a crooked spine, neither of his testicles had descended and he needed to have surgery in order to be castrated (if they’re even up there somewhere). We had to do the same thing for Champion when he got here since we was also a cryptorchid. Breken’s spine hadn’t caused any issues for him, but we aren’t sure what will happen in the future. We agreed to take this babe under our care and give him the care he needs! Our amazing friends Ekta, Jenn and Brooke transported him to Foreverland Farm and his name (Br-ek-en) is actually a combination of all these beautiful ladies’ names! When we took Breken to have his procedure, the vet found a pretty severe heart murmur. Which means the chances of him waking up from surgery were not good. We needed to take him to a cardiologist to see exactly what was going on. We took him to OSU veterinary hospital where he had a blood test, x-rays and an echocardiogram. We were hopeful that the results would give us some positive news, but that wasn’t the case. Breken has not just one heart defect, he has four.  Because of this rarely seen condition, we continuously monitor his red blood cell count which indicates his blood is flowing through his heart. To meet Breken is to meet sweetness…and we love every minute we get with him!



Maverick was the tiniest of two lambs born to a mother that unfortunately rejected him. As a newborn, he would need round-the-clock care and the search for a sanctuary led him right into the loving arms of Foreverland Farm.
Before he could even get settled in, there was a need for another bottle baby to be rescued. A farmer, whose goat had given birth to triplets, reached out that he had no use for the baby male. Say no more, little Moose quickly joined Maverick in the nursery built for 2!  It's with great sadness to share that Maverick passed away in late Spring of 2021. We will always be grateful for the time we had with him.



On Brittney’s car ride over to the farm where Uhura was being discarded to make room for cows, she read a post from one of our idols, Odd Man Inn Sanctuary, stating that they had to say goodbye to their precious baby Spock. They had tried everything, and we mean everything to save Spock and, in the end, found that he was too beautiful for this world and had to say a very difficult goodbye. Brittney could only imagine that heartbreak and she cried the entire way to pick up this girl.  When we follow sanctuaries on social and see the rescues they do, we feel it, we are right there with them, and when they lose an animal it’s devastating. Brittney called Leann right away when she saw the news of his passing, they both cried. Even though it wasn’t our animal we had been rooting for him and checking in daily to see any updates. Brittney & Leann both agreed that in his honor the beautiful babe we were going to get would be named after another Star Trek character. They decided on Uhura, one of the most significant characters in television history. Uhura was the first black female leading roles in any television series in history. A strong role model for women everywhere. Uhura, meaning freedom just seemed so fitting and powerful. Our Uhura embodies this spirit, she is strong, and wise, gentle, and kind. It has taken a long time for her to warm up to us but over the years, we’ve enjoyed watching her grow and become the best Auntie to Marvel, and now tolerating Champion and his antics. We are so glad you’re here with us sweet girl. You will always have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget the day you came into our lives.
To Odd Man Inn Animal Sanctuary, we love and respect everything you do for the animals. Our hearts are with you today and every day in this wild world. ‘Live long and prosper’.



We were alerted on a Saturday morning that there was a loose sheep spotted on the interstate. Immediately we said “let’s go get her”! Amazing activists and friends started showing up to look for her and attempt to get her to safety. It was a very dangerous area - imagine an interstate, a wooded area, train tracks, another wooded area and then a river. After several hours of searching that day we decided to call it a day and try again the following day. As we were walking, our new friend Garrett, decided he wanted to walk along the interstate behind a fence line that we hadn’t searched thinking she wouldn’t go that far down. We were literally all the way back to where we parked when we got a phone call saying he HAD HER! Brittney ran up to where Garrett was through seriously thick overgrowth to find Garrett laying on the ground trying to hold on to her so she wouldn’t get away. Garrett and Brittney got her up and moving. Now mind you we can almost see our cars but there’s a fence line between us and them. It was almost a half mile back to the break in the fence and it wasn’t an easy hike. By some miracle, we found a hole in the fence big enough for us all to get through safely and then finally down the last hill to the car. As we do with all rescues, we patiently wait until they tell us that they’re comfortable with us. Agatha took a little time, and that’s perfectly fine. After she adjusted and knew she could trust her new surroundings, she joined the herd and becomes more comfortable and confident every day. (Photo is Agatha when she first arrived at Foreverland Farm)



LaLa was rescued from being slaughtered for Easter. The farmer was getting rid of her because she wasn’t reproducing and he didn’t have a use for her. He had tried to breed her several times without success. We convinced him to let us take her in.  We had her for a couple months when one day we noticed her utters were swollen! We began to freak out not knowing what that meant. We called the vet who came out a few days later and confirmed our suspicions! The vet told us that she was due any day and panic set in. We didn’t know what to do and we sure didn’t know how to help her have her baby. We went on baby watch for almost three whole weeks and finally the night of the full moon little Marvel was born. He came out without any complications and was a perfectly healthy little boy. The two of them now get to love their lives together and we could not be more grateful. The universe knew that LaLa needed to be here with us. If she hadn’t neither of them would be here right now.



Marnie & Gwendolyn were discovered when we saw a post for help with an ewe. She was originally advertised on Craigslist because she was unable to produce enough milk for her lamb due to a deformity in her utter. Since she won’t be able to produce lambs in the future there really wasn’t a “need” for her. We tried to ask to take her baby with her, but the farmer was not willing to let her go. Buttttt, he did offer to let us take one of her sisters, who was given up because she was only producing one lamb at a time and again, not very “useful”. These two made it to Foreverland Farm because of two phenomenal women who transported them. We also thank Kanda Farm Sanctuary and Kamins Farm Sanctuary for making this rescue possible! 

In February of 2022, Gwen crossed over  the rainbow bridge. We were honored to know her and care for her.



Mayday was born a twin on a production farm - too tiny to be profitable. Lucky for him, he was saved by a kind woman who bought him some time as she looked for a sanctuary before he was going to be sent to auction. When we saw his little face, we knew we couldn’t let that happen to him! Our dear friend, Brooke, picked him up in Columbus and drove him here. When he first arrived, he was so young, we were bottle feeding him. He’s such a sweetheart and has grown so much, he is now enjoying time with the rest of the herd.



Albus & Alister were part of a hoarding case in California involving 300 pigs. With the help of so many individuals and sanctuaries nationwide, many of the animals made their way east (to help relieve pressure on the west coast sanctuaries) and these two are now happy residents of Foreverland Farm.



Betty was found abandoned on a farm close to Dayton, Ohio.  A passerby posted the pig on Facebook asking for help.  Someone sent it to us and we decided we couldn't leave her there all alone!  Leann and Brittney loaded the car and went to get her.  The owner was forced to leave the farm due to a medical condition and could no longer afford to keep it up. Betty was left because they did not have a place for her at their new home.  She's the most spirited of all the pigs and we sure love her!



Milton was an owner surrender and was our first pig on the farm.  He was purchased as many potbelly pigs are as a pet.  They are part of the "mini pig" fad and thousands of pigs are now being abandoned and dropped at shelters because they grow to be over 100 pounds.  Milton grew to be 150 pounds and was beginning to destroy the house.  The family started keeping him locked in the garage because they did not know what else to do.  He now is a healthy happy pig that spends most of his time outside.  He loves his swimming pool and mud pit!



Iggy was being sold for slaughter on craigslist.  Someone saw her ad and decided they wanted to try and save her. A group of Cincinnatians rallied to find a home for her and took on the rescue mission.  We stepped up to provide sanctuary for her and the community stepped up to help.  They provided donations to help get building materials, vet care and a shelter for her.  People also came out to volunteer their time to build the fence for her!  It was a beautiful rescue.  So many people helped.  Two women went to pick her up from the farmer and a third woman fostered her until we were ready.  She has now tripled in size and is the life of the party.  She is so full of love and energy and loves attention.


Louisa in car.jpg

In Oct. of 2021, Brittney was contacted about a piglet that was loose near a major highway. An amazing family spotted her and was somehow able to get her into their car. Placement was urgent as the family was on their way home from a vacation. And so, Louisa, a small piglet at the time, who likely escaped from a truck bound for slaughter, now calls Foreverland Farm her forever home. As Louisa grew, she moved in with Iggy, a beautiful, friendly pig who welcomed the companionship.

Louisa and Iggy.jpg
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