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 Co-founder &

 Executive Director & Interim Board President


When asked about how Foreverland Farm got started, Brittney's reply is always the same, "That is a great question" she'll say as she laughs.  Brittney began her love affair with animals as far back as she can remember.  The first animal she ever cared for was her guinea pig, named Pidge.  Since those days she has rescued animals from shelters as companion animals, and got into rescue seriously after adopting a horse named Booger in 2012.


Since founding Foreverland Farm officially in 2018 with her spouse Sawyer, Brittney has focused her efforts on alleviating suffering for animals through rescue and education. Managing the farm, along with her full-time job as a mental health therapist, Brittney hopes to bring healing and compassion to animals and humans through her work. 



Sawyer Kane is a clinically licensed social worker, working in the criminal justice system.  They spend the majority of their time advocating for the release of incarcerated individuals, and educating their community on the need for more empathetic, restorative approaches within the judicial system.  The other half of their time is spent helping their wife Brittney run Foreverland Farm.


Sawyer got into rescue after meeting Brittney and falling in love with the world of rescue alongside Brittney's efforts. The most known fact about Sawyer is that the love of their life is one of their companion animals, a cat named Winchester (even if the feelings aren't mutual).



 Animal Caregiver


Emily is a 2016 graduate of Kent State University and a 2018 graduate of East Carolina University with degrees in Human Development and Family Science, and minoring in Nonprofit Studies and Interpersonal Communication. After some time in an unhealthy job, she took the leap to enroll into massage therapy school and graduated in January 2021, with furthe plans to become certified in animal massage.

Emily has always loved working with animals and has been called a “dog whisperer” more times than she can count. There has always been some deep connection and understanding between Emily and the animals. Emily’s first “job” was cat-sitting for her neighbor when she was just 12 years old, and has continued watching animals throughout her education.

Emily currently lives in Cincinnati and while she doesn’t have pets right now, she dreams of owning a large plot of land with many dogs, the bigger the better! She enjoys practicing yoga, going on road trips, and learning new things. She can often be found with some form of coffee and a snack, taking pictures of and asking to pet every dog she sees.


 Board Treasurer  

Steve and Mordecai_edited.jpg

Recently retired from his position as Managing Partner, Client Operations for LogicSource, Steve Littman led the field operations of the purpose-built procurement services and technology provider. LogicSource solutions drive client cost reductions and efficiencies across all areas of their spend.

Prior to joining LogicSource, Steve was Vice President of Real Estate Administration for Big Lots, Inc., overseeing property management, lease administration, store planning, construction of new/remodel stores, energy & engineering and procurement for the 1400+ stores and the corporate office. He managed $350M in both capital & operating expenses each year. In addition to Big Lots, Steve has served in executive level positions with several other large retail brands such as United States Shoe Corporation and Famous Footwear


He spends his free time with his wife Rebecca, their cat Little One, adopted from Capital Humane, and their two horses, Kaza and Bombay. They enjoy travel both domestic and abroad as well as attending animal welfare seminars and conferences across the country. Steve also previously volunteered at the Rosemont Children’s Facility working with children with disabilities. Steve has two adult children, Adam and Stephanie, who live in Ohio and frequently travel with Steve and Rebecca.


 Board Secretary

2 months after viewing animal rights documentaries and becoming vegan in 2014, Justin decided to go into activism. Beginning by serving as an undercover investigator with Mercy for Animals, he conducted multiple investigations, including one that contributed to the largest and most comprehensive animal welfare policy overhaul from a corporation after footage he shot was released from a Walmart supplier.

Since then, he has been involved in and around animal rights work and volunteering. Much of his work includes coordinating volunteers, including serving as Volunteer Manager for the League for Animal Welfare. Justin is passionate about furthering education regarding animal welfare issues, especially as they intersect with worker’s rights and social justice. Justin lives in Cincinnati with his wife, daughters, and cat Flower. They are typically found either exploring nature, or exploring local vegan restaurants.



 Board Member 

Alison with Biscuit.jpg

Alison Smock is a 2008 graduate of the Ohio State University and a 2014 graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Law. She also earned a professional certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University in 2014.

Alison has a wealth of experience from her pivotal work in both the legal and nonprofit sectors, and she currently lives and works in Cincinnati with her fiancé, David, their rescue dog (Bear), and their 3 rescue cats (Sam, Andi, and Tuna).


 Board Member 

Rachael Winters met Brittney and Sawyer while at NKU when they were both students and she was an instructor in the Social Work department.  Several years later she is now a board member and a huge supporter of Foreverland Farm.  Still practicing social work with those pesky and stubborn humans, Rachael also now crochets to benefit Foreverland Farm and loves to volunteer at the farm cutting up wood with her chainsaw.  Rachael's involvement with Foreverland Farm has given her a new perspective and has challenged many of her beliefs and attitudes.  "Foreverland Farm is a healing place on so many levels and for animals and humans alike".  


Rachael pictured with Benson, an adoptee from Foreverland Farm. 

Rachel and Benson.jpg
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