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In July of 2021, our application to rescue Daryl was approved. Daryl, a wild mustang, had been rounded up, confined to a holding pen and overlooked due to his age and ridge back. We wish he had never been captured. We wish he could have lived his entire life in the wild running free with his family. Unfortunately, we can’t get that back for him, but we can, and will, do everything possible to give him the best life ever. He spent 7 months in training learning to trust people so he came to Foreverland Farm we’d be able to provide him with the very best care. He arrived at the sanctuary in March of 2022 and we were overjoyed to welcome him home!



Charlie & Whitley were rescued from a severe neglect case. The horses were used as currency in drug exchange and were being kept in a backyard in the city.  Charlie was a year old and Whitley was 2 at the time of rescue.  They were both emaciated and Charlie almost died from colic before we intervened. The "owners" were attempting to ride the young horses and also feed them straw which is not meant for animal consumption.  The owner fortunately signed ownership over to Brittney and we were able to take them out of there and place them at an off-site facility for a year while they regained their health. They are now doing really well and  have grown and blossomed into beautiful young horses with LOTS of personality.


Stevie & Murphy were part of a huge rescue in New Jersey involving multiple rescuers and sanctuaries. There were 30 horses in total that needed immediate placement. The original plan was to drive the 18-hour journey and come home with one horse, but after seeing the horrible conditions the horses were living in and knowing they were in danger of going to auction, two horses came back to Foreverland Farm that day. Both Stevie and Murphy are learning what life is like playing outside and in the company of the other horses - and they're loving it!



Booger was rescued from a neglect case where he was severely malnourished as a colt. This has led to him having health problems his entire life.  He is lame in his back leg, and was going blind in his left eye. He was on daily medication to help his eye which was prone to chronic infections.
Brittney adopted him from the original rescuer after forming a bond with him and being notified that he would be sold to the race track as a pony horse.  Knowing his health issues he would not have done well at the race track and ultimately could have ended up bound for slaughter like so many others off the tracks. In December of 2019, his blind eye started to cause him serious pain and was removed. 
Now he is a healthy, happy horse who is always the boss of the herd.



Hunter was actually not a rescue horse. He is a pure-bred Appaloosa that is a result of the dying horse breeding industry.  He was bred by a woman in KY who could not find anyone to buy him because people can no longer afford to own horses and there is an overload of horses being abandoned and sent to auction. He was purchased for a small fee several years ago and he and Booger are inseparable.



When Biscuit was rescued, he was 7 years old, not gelded, and had serious issues with his feet. He had foundered before which can be detrimental to donkeys and he has had problems ever since. He needed to be on a special diet, required continual foot care, and close monitoring for the rest of his life. Special animals like this can get very pricey and often these issues go untreated and the animal suffers immensely or they wind up at auction, but not Biscuit! After multiple joint vet and farrier visits, he was well on his way to only requiring routine hoof maintenance. Biscuit is like the sweet Daddy of the herd, quickly befriending the newer residents that consistently seek out his companionship.

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