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Booger's Story

Meet Booger - the big man in charge when it comes to our equine residents here at Foreverland Farm. Booger was rescued from a neglect case where he was severely malnourished as a colt. This has led to him having health problems his entire life. He is lame in his back leg, and was going blind in his left eye. He was on daily medication to help his eye which was prone to chronic infections. Unfortunately, in December of 2019, his blind eye started to cause him serious pain and was removed.

Brittney adopted him from the original rescuer after forming a bond with him and being notified that he would be sold to the race track as a pony horse. Knowing his health issues he would not have done well at the race track and ultimately could have ended up bound for slaughter like so many others off the tracks.

One of our largest horses, Booger has an amazingly big personality to match. He loves snacks, running around the field, and the occasional snuggle from one of his favorite humans!

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