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Breken's Story

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This little fella was born in June of 2019 with a crooked spine, and neither of his testicles had descended, so he needed to surgery in order to be castrated (if they’re even up there somewhere). We had to do the same thing for Champion when he got here since we was also a cryptorchid (the actual medical term for his predicament). Breken’s spine hadn’t caused any issues for him yet, but we aren’t sure what will happen in the future, so we keep a close eye on his condition every day! Our amazing friends Ekta, Jenn and Brooke transported him to Foreverland Farm and his name (Br-ek-en) is actually a combination of all these beautiful ladies’ names!

When we took Breken to have his procedure, the vet found a pretty severe heart murmur. Which means the chances of him waking up from surgery were not good. We needed to take him to a cardiologist to see exactly what was going on. We took him to Ohio State Veterinary Hospital where he had a blood test, x-rays and an echocardiogram. We were hopeful that the results would give us some positive news, but that wasn’t the case.

Breken has not just one heart defect, but four. This condition is exceedingly rare, and therefore we are continuously monitoring his red blood cell count, which indicates whether or not his blood is flowing thorugh his heart properly. However, this fiesty guy does NOT let his medical conditions slow him down. Like Champion, who you could argue looks like a long lost sibling, he can be found lounging in the hay trough enjoying the sunshine, following around the staff and volunteers, and even causing mischief on occasion!

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