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Brent & Gene's Story

During one of our trips to a livestock auction with our fellow sanctuaries trying to save lives, we saw Gene. He was so small that he was nearly being trampled in the pen with the other goats. We knew immediately that we had to get him out of there as soon as possible. Sawyer carried Gene to the trailer and as we pulled away, we couldn’t help but be overcome with both relief and sadness. Relief that we got the little guy out of there, but sadness knowing there were THOUSANDS we had to leave behind.

However it wasn’t just Gene that we were able to bring home that day, but also a young sheep that we later named Brent. The two instantly became friends, and spent several weeks regaining their strength together before they were introduced to the rest of their new family. Named after two of our amazing board members who are phenomenal advocates for animals, we are happy to report that these two babies are living happy and healthy lives with the rest of their adoptive family.

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