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Daryl Hannah's Story

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

In July of 2021, our application to rescue Daryl was approved. Daryl, a wild mustang, had been rounded up, confined to a holding pen and overlooked due to his age and ridge back. We wish he had never been captured. We wish he could have lived his entire life in the wild running free with his family. Unfortunately, we can’t get that back for him, but we can, and will, do everything possible to give him the best life ever. He spent 7 months in training learning to trust people so he came to Foreverland Farm we’d be able to provide him with the very best care. He arrived at the sanctuary in March of 2022 and we were overjoyed to welcome him home!

Daryl now spends much of his time with his friend Cordelia (our 5 year old blind mare) and the two love to play outside. We are continuing to work with Daryl, to build a new bond of trust between him and humans, and to show him the love he deserves. If you want to learn more about the Bureau of Land Management's wild mustang round up program and how to advocate for the horses, please stay tuned for a later post regarding this topic.

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