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Stevie and Murphy's Story

Stevie & Murphy were part of a huge rescue in New Jersey involving multiple rescuers and sanctuaries. There were 30 horses in total that needed immediate placement to avoid them being euthanized or sent to slaughter. The original plan was to drive the 18-hour journey and come home with one horse, but after seeing the horrible conditions the horses were living in and knowing they were in danger of going to auction, two horses came back to Foreverland Farm that day. Both Stevie and Murphy are learning what life is like playing outside and in the company of the other horses – and loving it!

Murphy is by far our tallest boy and we believe he’s in his early 20s. He is a former racehorse, and like so many he was discarded after his prime racing years were over. In danger of being sent to slaughter (a fate that befalls many horses who are no longer useful to their owners) he now spends his days with his best friend Stevie being loved on and allowed to run around ot his heart’s content. After many years of being confined primarily to his stall, he loves to get out and run around when the weather is nice!

Stevie is a feisty mare, who was a former show pony who’s career ended due to a hip injury that prevents her from being ridden. She too was kept in a stall and was being prepped to send to slaughter, but now she and Murphy are bonded beyond compare. The two are attached at the hip, and love to spend time with one another. After a rainfall, the two will find the largest puddle they can (even if the field is almost dry) and Murphy will happily play in the water as Stevie cakes herself in mud. We are so thankful we were able to rescue these amazing horses, and that they now have happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives here at Foreverland.

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