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Vinegar Tom's Story

Vinegar Tom, or Vinny as he is affectionately called for short, is our beautiful Boer goat. In early 2021, we got a phone call. The caller shared with us that he was over 10 years old, and for his entire life he had been tied to a tree outside. That’s a decade of being chained to a tree, no shelter, minimal (if any) food and water, and nothing but solitude. The person who called us was likely the reason he was even still alive, giving Vinny food and water when they could. The “owner” would use him as a “living lawnmower” during the summertime to keep the grass under control. Our hearts still break when we imagine the loneliness he felt those 10 years.

Vinny is now the loving grandfather of our herd, and enjoys playing with the younger goats. He also loves people, and will snuggle up to you every chance he gets. Every day he gets to spend time with his herd, to eat and drink water to his heart’s content, and to sleep in a warm straw-filled barn. He gets the life he DESERVES.

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