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Agatha's Story

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

We were alerted on a Saturday morning that there was a loose sheep spotted on the interstate. Immediately we said “let’s go get her”! Amazing activists and friends started showing up to look for her and attempt to get her to safety. It was a very dangerous area - imagine an interstate, a wooded area, train tracks, another wooded area and then a river. After several hours of searching that day we decided to call it a day and try again the following day. As we were walking, our new friend Garrett, decided he wanted to walk along the interstate behind a fence line that we hadn’t searched thinking she wouldn’t go that far down. We were literally all the way back to where we parked when we got a phone call saying he HAD HER!

Brittney ran up to where Garrett was, trudging through thick overgrowth, and found Garrett laying on the ground trying to hold on to Agatha so she wouldn’t get away. Garrett and Brittney got her up and moving. Now mind you we can almost see our cars but there’s a fence line between us and them - It was almost a half mile back to the break in the fence and it wasn’t an easy hike. By some miracle, we found a hole in the fence big enough for us all to get through safely and then finally down the last hill to the car. As we do with all rescues, we patiently wait until they tell us that they’re comfortable with us. Agatha took a little time, and that’s perfectly fine. After she adjusted and knew she could trust her new surroundings, she joined the herd and becomes more comfortable and confident every day. She loves hanging out with her fellow sheep Marnie, and all the other animals too.

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