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Marnie & Gwen's Story

Marnie & Gwendolyn were discovered when we saw a post for help with an ewe. She was originally advertised on Craigslist because she was unable to produce enough milk for her lamb due to a deformity in her utter. Since she won’t be able to produce lambs in the future there really wasn’t a “need” for her. We tried to ask to take her baby with her, but the farmer was not willing to let her go. Buttttt, he did offer to let us take one of her sisters, who was given up because she was only producing one lamb at a time and again, not very “useful”. These two made it to Foreverland Farm because of two phenomenal women who transported them. We also thank Kanda Farm Sanctuary and Kamins Farm Sanctuary for making this rescue possible!

In February of 2022, Gwen crossed over the rainbow bridge. We were honored to know her and care for her.

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