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Billie's Story

Brittney got an emergency call about a chicken that was found injured in the parking lot of a local business. She immediately jumped in the truck. She wasn’t sure what kind of shape the chicken would be in. Once she arrived, Brittney just picked her up and was so relieved that she didn’t have any broken legs or wings! The chicken was covered in blood and filth. She was incredibly hungry and thirsty. We assumed that Billie fell off a transport truck and found safety in the loading dock of the business complex. We are so grateful for compassionate people reaching out to help this sweet girl find sanctuary. A few months after her rescue, Brittney picked up Billie and placed her in her coop to go to sleep. Billie started struggling to stand up, she wobbled around trying to get her footing and couldn’t stand on her own. Birds like Billie are not meant to live long fulfilling, healthy lives. They are bred for human consumption. They’ve been genetically modified to grow at unnatural rates, mobility gets increasingly difficult as they grow larger, sometimes their internal organs shut down from the rapid growth, this is what we’ve done to them. We put Billie on an even stricter diet, and took her to the vet to make sure it’s wasn’t an infection or neurological issue. The vet confirmed what we’ve thought all along, that her muscles are not strong enough to support her weight. Our vet said that if she wasn’t walking on her own in a few days, then we should consider putting her down. We will ALWAYS do what’s right for the animals regardless of our own feelings, but both Brittney and Sawyer would never give up on her that easily. Billie was alert, eating, drinking, trying to move around, and as long as she was fighting so will we! To most people this is crazy to do for a chicken, not for us. We do whatever it takes to ensure they have a good life whether it’s a horse, chicken, cat, dog, pig, whatever! We decided to purchase a wheelchair for Billie to get her up and moving on her own again. Before we could even get her into the wheelchair, because of all the physical therapy we did to build her muscles, and her strict diet, not only is she walking again on her own, you’d sometimes see her running! Billie lived a remarkable life at Foreverland Farm. Sadly, she passed in July 202l, leaving behind a whole host of people and animals who loved her and were inspired by her.

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