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Mordecai & Rigby's Story

Mordecai and Rigby are two of our miniature horses! The rescue they previously lived at sadly had to close due to financial and emotional distress, so we stepped in to help. At first, we attempted to bring them both to the farm together, however unfortunately it was not safe to do so. At the time, both boys were not gelded, and therefore can be aggressive towards other ungelded males. Nevertheless, we kept moving towards the goal, and now both boys are healthy, gelded, and call Foreverland Farm their home.

Mordecai has some of the best hair we’ve ever seen and looks like shaggy dog on some days. He loves to talk and will never shy away from telling you EXACTLY what’s on his mind. Rigby is our resident alternative boy, with fringe that would make Haley Williams jealous. Both are very happy to call this their forever home, and we are so thankful to have them. They have just as much energy, personality, and sass as the larger horses and there is never a boring moment when these two are around.

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