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Champion's Story

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Champion is one of the amazing residents we've gotten to rescue here at Foreverland Farm! This little stud was born with only three legs, and was rejected by his mother at birth as a result. After he essentially became an orphan, a very loving family took him inside and raised him in their home instead. Unfortunately, animals with special care requirements can be a big responsibility, and although the family tried their best, they realized he would likely have a better life if he lived elsewhere. They made the hard decision to surrender him to a sanctuary that could take care of his special needs and where he would get the attention and life he deserves! He came as a referral from another sanctuary, and we knew we had to take him in! We are so thankful for his family for letting us care for him. Since his arrival, Champion has shown the world that he can do anything a four-legged goat can do, including racing to say “hello”, and his specialty: jumping directly into the hay trough to eat while others politely stand on the ground for their meals!

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