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Gus Gus's Story

Gus Gus was sent to slaughter due to his “wobbly walk” that makes him unable to be used in 4H shows. The original name was ‘Taco’ because he was going to be turned into taco meat. He was only 7 months old. We decided there was no way we were going to let that happen, and we brought him home to Foreverland Farm, renaming him Gus Gus. We adore his wobbly walk, and he uses it to keep up with all the other members of his herd. This baby has the sweetest smile, and loves to play with the other goats.

One of his favorite playmates is fellow youngster Moose, and the two often run around and bump heads! The two have also decided that Vinegar Tom is their adoptive grandfather, and can be found following the larger (and older) goat around the pasture. Don't worry though, the feeling is absolutely mutual, and the three love to spend time lounging around the field together.

Meet Vinegar Tom!

Meet Moose!

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