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La La and Marvel's Story

LaLa was rescued from being slaughtered for Easter. The farmer was getting rid of her because she wasn’t reproducing and he didn’t have a use for her. He had tried to breed her several times without success. We convinced him to let us take her in. We had her for a couple months when one day we noticed her utters were swollen! We began to freak out not knowing what that meant. We called the vet who came out a few days later and confirmed our suspicions! La La was pregnant!

The vet told us that she was due any day and panic set in. We didn’t know what to do and we sure didn’t know how to help her have her baby. We went on baby watch for almost three whole weeks and finally, the night of the full moon, little Marvel was born. He came out without any complications and was a perfectly healthy little boy. The two of them now get to love their lives together and we could not be more grateful. The universe knew that LaLa needed to be here with us. If she hadn’t neither of them would be here right now.

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