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Uhura's Story

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

On Brittney’s car ride over to the farm where Uhura was being discarded to make room for cows, she read a post from one of our idols, Odd Man Inn Sanctuary, stating that they had to say goodbye to their precious baby Spock. They had tried everything, and we mean everything to save Spock and, in the end, found that he was too beautiful for this world and had to say a very difficult goodbye. Brittney could only imagine that heartbreak and she cried the entire way to pick up this girl. When we follow sanctuaries on social and see the rescues they do, we feel it, we are right there with them, and when they lose an animal it’s devastating. Brittney called Sawyer right away when she saw the news of his passing, they both cried. Even though it wasn’t our animal we had been rooting for him and checking in daily to see any updates.

Brittney & Sawyer both agreed that in his honor the beautiful babe we were going to get would be named after another Star Trek character. They decided on Uhura, one of the most significant characters in television history. Uhura was the first black female leading roles in any television series in history. A strong role model for women everywhere. Uhura, meaning freedom just seemed so fitting and powerful. Our Uhura embodies this spirit, she is strong, and wise, gentle, and kind. It has taken a long time for her to warm up to us but over the years, we’ve enjoyed watching her grow and become the best Auntie to Marvel, and now tolerating Champion and his antics. We are so glad you’re here with us sweet girl. You will always have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget the day you came into our lives.

To Odd Man Inn Animal Sanctuary, we love and respect everything you do for the animals. Our hearts are with you today and every day in this wild world. ‘Live long and prosper’.

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