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Charlie and Whitley's Story

Charlie & Whitley were rescued from a severe neglect case (Charlie is the fiery red lady and her brother Whitley is our beautiful palomino paint) . The horses were used as currency in drug exchange and were being kept in a backyard downtown. If you've ever been in the downtown area of a city, you'll be quick to realize that the term "backyard" ususally doesn't refer to a large area of grassy space. Charlie was a year old and Whitley was 2 at the time of rescue. They were both emaciated and Charlie almost died from colic before we intervened. Colic is an incredibly dangerous health condition that horses can die from, and is similar to bloat in dogs. The "owners" were attempting to ride the young horses and also feed them straw which is NOT meant for animal consumption. The owner fortunately signed ownership over to Brittney and we were able to take them out of there and place them at an off-site facility for a year while they regained their health. They are now doing really well and have grown and blossomed into beautiful young horses with LOTS of personality.

Charlie, while she may not be the largest, is a spunky five year old who never shies away from sharing her opinion with the rest of us. She loves to try and mess with Booger, the head of the herd, but its always just fun and games. Whitley is a loveable goofball who has a strange obsession with cell phone cameras (maybe he wants to learn to take a selfie) as well as long hair. Both are doing amazing and living happy, healthy lives here at Foreverland.

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